Welcome to Yogawerk Essen

Yogawerk Essen – Yoga in the middle of Essen Süd, Südviertel, Rüttenscheid, Bergerhausen and Huttrop.
If you want to lose weight, find your inner peace, do something to improve your health and well-being or are just curious to experience Yoga – I want to support you in reaching your goals.
Get to know different kinds of Yoga: Traditional and modern, personal training or groups, challenging and relaxing. Discover your own Yoga!

Yoga for relaxation

Are you suffering from stress or burnout? Yoga helps reduce stress.

Yoga for strengthening

Yoga exercises can be used to strengthen the body and mind.

Yoga as therapy

Yoga and its sister science Ayurveda are holistic tools, especially in cases of chronic illness.

Yoga as exercise

Not only sportsmen like Dirk Nowitzki or the German football team use Yoga. You too can benefit from Yoga.

Yoga for you

In small groups or in personal training the exercises can be tailored to your own needs.

Yoga as a path

In the Yoga philosophy there is a lot of useful advice for you to reflect on.

Yoga exercises and their effects

yoga essen wheel


Heart opening and energizing.

yoga essen dancer


Yoga increases physical and mental flexibility.

yoga essen krieger


Challenges you and gives you strength.

yoga essen baum


Provides stability and calmness.